10 reasons to migrate your company to the digital world

Discover some reasons about the importance of the digital transformation in companies

When you started your business, you jumped into the business world with a lot of courage, using various methods to keep it afloat and looking for its growth, right? Well, these techniques prove their effectiveness. However, they are a bit limited and today’s technology is evolving. That’s why today you can find out 10 reasons to migrate your company to the digital world.

The digital era has marked a new challenge, both for large companies and for those in full development. The new generations are more demanding today and spend much of their time in the digital world.

That is why it is not enough just to have a presence in traditional or physical media, you must innovate and look for new ways to captivate users creatively and interactively.

According to figures from DANE

Colombia currently has 2,540,953 small and medium companies called “Pymes“,(SMEs) which represent 90% of the legally constituted companies in our country.

They produce 35% of the GDP and are the business segment that generates the most employment in the whole country with 80%. However, they are still lagging in terms of digitalization and logistics.


10 advantages of the digital world for your company

  1. Digital Presence

It will increase your company’s visibility and sales channels, through tools such as social networks, blogs, online stores, websites and more.

  1. Let the client be the center of the universe

You will be able to know what your customers think about your products or services, and based on that information you will be able to improve the user experience.

What is marketing automation?


  1. New communication channels with users

You will have closer contact with your customers, improving your sales and loyalty campaigns.

  1. Greater productivity and efficiency

When you have more relevant information about your customers, you can make better decisions.

  1. More fluid communication with your customers

It allows you to resolve the doubts and concerns of your users, thus improving your customer service and the reputation of your brand.

  1. New business opportunities are opened up

The digital ecosystem is so wide that you can identify, in a more detailed way, which are the needs of your target audience and also answer if there are some problems with your products and services.

  1. Cost reduction

Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising, allowing greater access to any business.

  1. Automate processes

You will be able to manage your company efficiently, saving time and money.

  1. 100% measurable results

The information can be analyzed at any time and allows you to adjust these results to your business strategy.

  1. A well trained team in the digital area

It allows you to have more motivated, committed and productive workers.

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