3 marketing and sales trends

Technology has imposed new trends in marketing and sales useful for companies.

The new trends generate changes in terms of processes and industries must adapt to it because all the strategies that are made to grow are linked to all this technological and digital transformation.

For a few years we have seen that many companies have sought to “humanize their brand” by empowering influencers to give people a reference about it. Automation was also implemented in marketing processes and technological tools such as CRMS were given more power.

Adapting to change is one of the main competitive advantages that will allow a company to grow in any industry. Therefore, knowing the trends will allow entrepreneurs and salespeople to design strategies around them, with the aim of having a greater scope and effectiveness in any process of growth and improvement.

These are some of the strategies in marketing and sales that will set the trend in 2019:


  1. Take your brand to a Marketplace:

A marketplace is an e-commerce portal that allows sellers from any industry to offer their products or services. This strategy has many benefits in terms of brand visibility, cost savings, and web positioning.

For example, companies like Salesforce, Hubspot, or PipeDrive have a marketplace specialized in technology apps for people to use and purchase. In terms of products. Also, there is the Amazon Marketplace which is the largest in the world, so that people can sell their products more easily and also position them in Google.

  1. The CRM for customer management

will take much more strength for companies because it allows a comprehensive view of the customer, the business process, and the monitoring that is being done.


If you want to know more about the importance of CRM click here.


  1. Short videos

that last less than 10 seconds, because according to studies this is the average time in which the user’s attention is captured, after this time the interest and video visualizations decrease.


These videos called Bumper Ads are a format that allows you to reach more customers and increase the attention of your potential customers to your brand with a clear, simple, and easy to remember content.

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