3 things you should know for your e-commerce

Developing an e-commerce platform is the best investment you can make for your business. Regardless of the growth point you are at or how long you have been in the market, implementing an online sales system ensures more benefits than you imagine. But before starting, we want to give you free advice so that you can consider the next step in your strategy.

What should you keep in mind before implementing e-commerce?

Time = Personal


Consider what is involved in developing your online sales system.

Creating a web page, integrating the payment platform you need for your e-commerce and taking pictures of your products are some tasks.

Other tasks such as keeping the system updated (in terms of product inventory) and renewing it to attract customers are often not taken into account in advance.

All of the above require a dedication of time, commitment to that area of the business and supervision of the processes. You must decide if you have this availability, or if you prefer to leave it in the hands of someone else within your team.

At Addendo, we offer a team that helps you outsource this process simply and professionally.

Maintenance = $

You created your page! You have your products, the payment gateway, and your customers are buying your products in your e-commerce. Great! Until one day, something happens to your page, and you start getting calls from your customers saying something is wrong. Who are you going to call?

At Addendo we offer not only the service of creating and leaving your e-commerce working, but also the technical maintenance that it may require (we could also do the maintenance of content 😉). The best thing to do is ask if your service provider also offers this option, how much does it cost, and for how long will they commit to maintenance.

  • Domain
  • Plugins
  • Integrations
  • Monthly payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Etc.

Remember that technology moves so fast that over time, many of the technologies you use for your page have to be renewed to adapt them to new environments. Be smart and anticipate! Let this process have its amount and date in your line of sight.

Marketing = Sales

(Which brings us back to the first point)

Having e-commerce implemented on your website does not mean that you will multiply your sales in the first week without any effort.

You must have your website well positioned in search engines with a robust SEO strategy. preferably, integrate it into your digital marketing strategy, and find out how to attract customers from other parties to your payment platform within your website.

Digital marketing strategies for quarantined companies

All this is achieved with a sales strategy that can include guidelines, content generation for social networks, production of graphic pieces, audiovisuals and even community managing guidelines.

At Addendo we can guide you through this process and do it for you.  Contact us to find out how you can make the most of your website and the opportunities of the digital world.

May your only effort be to keep the business existing!

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