4 techniques to optimize time and resources in social networks

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The digital marketing scenario is always changing. Directors and managers increasingly understand the importance of being in line with digital trends. The objective is to optimize time and make the different jobs more effective. Therefore, we want to show you how to solve the main problems in social media that large companies face.


1. Filter messages without real content in social media

Identify among the hundreds of mentions:

First, which ones may be relevant or which ones are spam, it may take time that some companies cannot target when they are in a crisis, or any other peak of interactions.

Having a tool that does that work for you or your team frees up time to generate strategies and send messages that are effective to your real audience.


2. Prioritize who you are targeting for communication

The art of generating engagement (the commitment that users have with a brand), is in how it is achieved.

Use a certain tone of communication, give the answers that customers need, generate content to stay relevant, among other digital marketing strategies.

However, identifying influencers and opponents in their specific context is a process that can be done by Artificial Intelligence, as well as the prevailing feelings of large audiences that allow them to identify the pain points to work on a content strategy.


What is marketing automation?


3. Discover what content your audience wants

Listening to your audience and taking into account their suggestions, can make a difference from your competition because you show empathy, commitment, and respect for your consumers. Remember that your audience reads your content because you add value to them


4. Use tools:

What if a company needs to detect, filter, or analyze interactions that contain idioms or regional references? The answer is identifying brand-relevant influencers, for example is a promise made by many tools that charge for their use or subscription to their platforms.

But, how can you ensure they meet the criteria you need, such as geographic location? In Spanish, for example, there are several countries and regions from which accounts on a topic of interest might come, but are they relevant to your audience?

Social networks are an indispensable channel to generate communication, interaction and relationships with our users. As a brand, we can be digitally active and offer relevant information at all times. But first, it is necessary to maintain planning and organization for the development of multiple processes, since our most valuable resource is time.

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