Big data for small and large companies

Big data technology is available to all companies

In the information age, data is becoming more and more important and above all, get the most out of it. That is why here you will discover how big data technology and artificial intelligence help both large and small companies.

When we talk about big data, we refer to the management and analysis of huge volumes of data that cannot be treated conventionally.

Most entrepreneurs believe that a technology solution such as big data is only available to large companies, but this is not true.

Firstly, it is because the costs of storage, production and transformation of data are increasingly lower, this allows you to have a competitive advantage in your company.

And secondly, because the multitude of sources with public data and the emergence of analytical platforms, have made it easier for smaller companies to access this type of solution.

Databases to enhance your company trategically

Why do companies use big data?

Because it is a business opportunity that helps you better understand your customers and anticipate their needs.

What are the main challenges that companies face?

These are challenges that have been coming for more than 10 years.

– Knowing your client in detail.
– Better position of your point of sales.
– Be more cost-efficient.
– Attract new customers and build customer loyalty.

How can big data solve these challenges?

When you have useful information about your target audience, for example, how they behave, their interests and more, you can customize your offer according to their needs.

For example, if you are in the tourism sector
With big data, you can profile your target audience from different countries or regions, personalize your services and adapt them to the profile of these potential clients.

In the retail sector

You will be able to identify the best location for the points of sale of your business or to know better the origin of your clients. This way, you will have a better chance of attracting more clients strategically.

For the Industry, analytical models can be developed to detect possible problems in your company in advance. Allowing your work team to be more efficient and save costs in operational processes.

Opinions of leaders and experts about the data

“Data is the strategic asset of companies par excellence”
-Christian Gardiner- General Director of SAS Spain

“Information is the gasoline of the 21st century, and data analytics, the combustion engine”
-Peter Sondergaard- Vice President, Gartner

“Data is the new science. Big Data is the answer “
-Pat Gelsinger- CEO of VMware

Without a doubt, the value of data is undeniable

Big data turns data into useful information, facilitating real-time decision making. If you rely on the “data” for the growth of your company, you can likely lead the market in the future. Remember that data is the new oil!


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