Boost your business and increase your online sales by prospecting.

To increase your online sales, you need more than a website and sporadic posting on social media. If you really want your business to stand out in the digital era, you need a proper digital marketing strategy and a CRM that allows you to do prospecting. That is one that, besides reaching your ideal audience, allows you to collect data from anyone whose attention you’ve caught and track their actions.


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While this may sound a bit complex at first, it’s simpler than it seems. And if you have the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to boost your business and increase its sales. 

That’s why this article explains what means what, how to strengthen your digital marketing strategy and all you need to do it.


Customer prospecting

In case you don’t know, customer prospecting refers to all the actions that a company’s marketing team performs to attract a new user. For your customer prospecting to be effective and efficient, it is vital to have done previous market research and consumer analysis, so you can execute coherent actions and not waste time and resources on efforts that will get you nowhere. 

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You need a buyer persona

Let’s start by the beginning: you need the most amount of detailed information about your client to create what marketers call a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a person that we can define as an “ideal customer” and to whom we attribute characteristics beyond demographic data (age, gender, location, marital status, income, etc.), answering questions such as: where do they shop, what sites do they spend time at, what worries them, what causes them joy, what kind of habits do they have, how do they look for information, and more… with the purpose of empathizing with your customer and get your product/service straight to their heart.

Once you have your buyer persona, the prospecting process will begin by planning strategies and executing marketing actions targeting those people. But even if this person is your “ideal customer” in theory, this doesn’t mean they will buy from you,  just as people who apparently don’t fit your established profile will. 

That’s why, in order to sharpen your strategy based on real data about who buys from you, how, and why, you need to focus on what we call leads.

Prospect vs Lead

A lead is a person who demonstrates having the intention of purchasing one of your services/products by interacting with your brand. 

For example, you posted on Instagram one of your products. Those who’ve clicked on the product to view it in detail on your website, are leads. By capturing their attention, they’re letting you know they are interested. 

Now, not every lead will relate to your buyer persona, but those who do will be the ones who’ve most likely considered buying your product/service and intent to buy some to cover a certain necessity. Then they become prospects. 

In other words, prospects are those leads that have advanced into the sales funnel. For example, they have contacted you asking about that product/service you promoted on Instagram. 

So, a successful digital marketing strategy should focus on identifying prospects and leading them organically through the sales funnel until they become users, and then be converted into loyal customers. This is where CRM software comes in, as this system will be a key ally for the 3 main divisions in this process: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. 


You need a CRM software

This system allows you to automatically and neatly store your product or service information (operational processes and costs), the data gathered about your leads, and therefore your prospects and customers. It also allows you to keep track of every interaction carried out with your customer and create analytics to determine which are the best communication channels to use. As a result, you will have a more thorough vision of your buyer persona and value proposition to develop efficient and effective strategies.


Find out how to identify the best CRM for your company here.


Implement marketing strategies using a customized CRM system.

There are several types of CRM on the market, but not all of them will suit your company’s needs. However, you can always develop your own CRM to customize and/or integrate the existing ones. To do this, you’ll require help from an experienced marketing and software development team. 

By doing so, you will be able to tailor technology to your business and not the other way around, achieving outstanding results that will be translated into your workflow, your numbers, and your team’s spirit.

Make technology your best ally with, develop innovative solutions and get personalized advice during each stage of the process. Contact us and take the next step into the digital era. 

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