Can CRM software influence sales?

Discover how a CRM software can increase the sales possibilities in your company.

Many of the entrepreneurs wonder if the implementation of a CRM software can serve to increase sales in their businesses. “Through CRM we can automate and centralize information, making our business grow intelligently,” said Oliver Gomez, Teamleader Business Developer.

CRM’s are fundamental for the development of companies. Using them increases the possibility of selling up to 35%, while those who do not use a CRM lose about 10-35% of their annual sales.

The retention of clients that a CRM provides, can increase up to 60%, improving future profitability. This allows us to generate not only a sale today, but to guarantee sales in the long term.

According to studies, customers stay with the company that offers them the best support, regardless of whether two brands are selling the same product or service.

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Getting a new customer is more expensive than keeping an existing one. So the success of CRM is evident in companies that decide to implement it.

When you use a CRM software in your company, it means that your sales team can be more productive and you can sell more. With the information collected, you can have a broader perspective on your customers. This will help them to have a more lasting relationship and identify all the benefits that this tool provides.

It is important to show the client that behind a product, there is a whole team committed to providing and guaranteeing the best post-sale attention and advice. The secret is to make people who already trusted you loyal.

Download the following free infographics with CRM data worldwide that will give you a broader understanding of what CRM is doing in the industry and why its use is becoming more and more popular.

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