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How does UX design improve the user experience on websites?

Discover the importance of UX (user experience) design in websites

It has happened to you that when you visit some website, you can't find the information you need, the web page takes too long to load, or that you don't understand the information you are being shown? Well, these are some of the factors that make up the UX, and here you will know the importance of implementing it in your future or current website, so let's get started!

¿Cómo el diseño UX mejora la experiencia de usuario en las páginas web?

What UX desing is?

To make it easy for you to understand, UX design is the process that takes care of improving user satisfaction, either on a web page or in an app; improving the usability, accessibility, and interaction between the user and the product.

However, UX design is not only based on satisfying the user but also on meeting business objectives and solving problems. To achieve this, a user-centered process is followed.

In the process of UX development, previous research, ideation or prototyping, えろ 素人 final design, and testing of prototypes or the final product are taken into account. This is the way to check that a web or app works and that it responds to the users' needs.

¿Cómo el diseño UX mejora la experiencia de usuario en las páginas web?

A good UX design will allow

Find information easily
Increased navigation time
Increased relevance for Google
Better positioning in searches
Increased business visibility

The UX design will allow you to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. This means that it is not only based on designing and making something visual, but we can also really check if what is being done is going to be useful for the user and if it is going to meet the business objectives.

How does it work?

Information architecture, usability, visual design, accessibility, and interactive design are aspects that are always taken into account in the design and development stages of digital products.

Increasingly, Google is placing more importance on making our website "Responsive" (adapted for mobile devices).

¿Cómo el diseño UX mejora la experiencia de usuario en las páginas web?

Keep the time it takes to load your website as short as possible.

Avoid broken links within the website tabs.

Text or "copies" within the content of the website should be clear, persuasive, and concrete.

All these factors are part of what makes up the UX design.

¿Cómo el diseño UX mejora la experiencia de usuario en las páginas web?

Beyond the information of a web page or its functionalities, users value that the interaction is intuitive, agile, that it is a unique experience, and that it simply fulfills their needs.

Now more than ever is when you must pay attention to the needs of consumers and keep them happy, since you may be one click away from losing them. Schedule a consultation with our professional user experience experts and let's work together to make your website a story to tell.

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