Delivery strategies for your business

We bring for you some useful strategies for your business with delivery services or home delivery.


A few years ago, delivery service focused only on fast food like pizza or chicken. But over time, this modality has had a strong impact on various sectors of the industry and now there are more and more home delivery businesses, which are looking for strategies to sell not only food, but a wide variety of products online.

Online delivery ensures an increase of between 5% and 10% in the sale of food over the Internet

Why should companies be on social networks?

That’s why:

► Publish good images

When you take your products from a physical store to a digital platform, you must take into account that having good graphic material of your products will allow you to show them in a more attractive and captivating way for the users. Most of your potential customers will decide their purchase by what they see on your website.

► Define correctly your online menu

If you have a restaurant, you must define the menu of your products accurately, this will help your customer to make a better decision and will not have to worry about choosing between endless options in a single menu. Establish a detailed description of your products and different options.

► Project your operations

One benefit that digital platforms provide, is that you can get detailed reports during the period you want. This allows you to analyze the information and make decisions based on what is best for your business. You will be able to identify the times and days when you are not as effective with your delivery. That is why you can prepare your personnel resources, supplies, drivers and others, to be more efficient in those hours and days when you previously had no coverage, so you will not lose sales at any time.

► Organize your business for special campaigns of the year

Once you have access to the annual reports of your delivery, you will be able to establish and design promotional campaigns with discounts on specific dates. Whether it’s Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc, this way you will be able to gain market share. Get ready for the main campaigns of the year with a good projection.

► Define the range of coverage of your deliveries

This is usually a problem for many delivery businesses, so avoid bad experiences with your customers by rejecting orders that are not in your coverage area. If you have your business in a virtual store, you can rely on a tool like Google Maps that allows you to create a fairly accurate coverage area and also increase the visibility of your business to other users.

► Constantly update your virtual map

Don’t forget that your products are now on an online platform and you must keep it updated to avoid complications with your customers. If your product is no longer available, you have adjusted in prices, modified your opening hours or any other important change, it is better to make the respective changes as soon as possible.

Apply these strategies to your business, it will undoubtedly be a great help for sustained growth. If you are thinking of developing an online business and do not know which way to go, find out here how to implement a Digital Marketing strategy.

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