Discover the best tools to create a ChatBot

With the information we have for you, you will know which are the ideal tools to create a ChatBot for your company. Not only will you learn which ones are the most suitable for you, you will also learn which of these you can easily and immediately implement.


We can assure you that among the best platforms to create a ChatBot, “Pandorabots” is one that cannot be overlooked. This platform will allow your company to have special windows where customers can chat with you.

They will communicate with a bot programmed for text or voice. It has been specially developed to maintain a realistic tone when interacting with the client.

It should be noted that this platform is compatible with AIL and also has a custom development of the chatbot. In addition to having a code review, data services, engineering support packages, among many other options. To handle this, you do not require technical knowledge and that is a great alternative for many businesses.

Rebot.Me is a platform that has proven that creating a ChatBot is easier than it seems. With this tool you will be able to learn the basics and the complexities of a chat bot. In addition, once you create one for your business, you will be able to train it to be the best service you can offer.

The ChatBot that is created under this platform has the characteristic that the more interactions you have with it, the smarter it becomes. As it develops, it will be able to answer customer questions more easily, and it will be able to retain visitors for longer.


This tool is perfectly integrated with Facebook chat and will help you create a bot without the need for complex programming. This is ideal for companies that want to offer a much more constant customer service.

ChattyPeople is available for free for those who want to use it and you can easily upgrade from a simple plan to a much more advanced one. This includes many more automatic options, premium technical support, plus unlimited responses.


Among the tools for creating a ChatBot, Botsy is well known in the market. It has long been considered one of the best platforms for creating bots. Thanks to its various plugins, creating a ChatBot is totally simple. It uses an interface with which you can create bots in a simple way.

Botsify has a very sophisticated artificial intelligence, that is to say, users will have the possibility to experience a very realistic attention when interacting with them. It is considered a very sophisticated tool.

When creating the ChatBot, it has templates where you only have to drag and drop to get them.


This platform was born in 2009, and it was a project that was initially born to be an interactive fiction game character. However, it has evolved and currently includes multiple advanced functions. 

It is a tool that has stood out because anyone can study and use it. This makes it ideal for small businesses that require a ChatBot. Even more so if they are looking to increase their services sales.  It will act as a organical conversation portal for users.

Advantages of using tools to create a ChatBot

from the advantages this type of tools offer, is that they give you the opportunity to answer immediately the frequently asked questions that many customers have. In addition, it makes for a good digital sales process. 

Through a ChatBot you can have a better relationship with your customers, plus you will not be invasive at all and avoid frustrating them when interacting with your website. With these tools to create a ChatBot, you will be able to optimize your business. What are you waiting to start using any of them?

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