What is enterprise application integration for your business?

As its name suggests, Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI, is to simplify the technological development of companies into a single system. This is basically achieved through tailored software development. 

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Whether you are a business owner or manager, you probably know that digital transformation is no joke. As a matter of fact, it is a process that, although it may sound complex at times, has the purpose of simplifying people and companies’ daily lives.  

There are many ways to achieve enterprise application integration, depending on the strategy you decide to use, your business needs, and your own preferences. So, here’s everything you need to know to get started with your EAI strategy and take your business to the next level. 

What is enterprise application integration (EAI)?

More than a tool, it is an architecture strategy. It is to optimize processes and resources by unifying data and automating day-to-day mechanical tasks. 

Depending on the processes and data you wish to integrate, the way to implement your strategy will vary. Below, we explain some different approaches so that you can decide which one suits you best:

Ways to implement an EAI strategy

Consolidated database

Create a system to centralize your databases and automate tasks, as well as constant updates. This strategy is useful for those who manage a large amount of information that is used either horizontally or vertically, across different areas of the company. For example, a hotel that must continuously update its guest and room records, a chain that needs to unify a city’s inventory database, etc. 


This strategy seeks to connect different applications through a link. Although its implementation is easy, it is limited and does not allow large-scale progress, so eventually, it may fall short of the mark. However, it is very useful for companies whose operations rely on more than one application or software, so they will all be connected, simultaneously sharing information and functionalities. 

ESB (Enterprise System Bus) solutions

Recommended for those companies that handle more complex software and require a larger framework when integrating with others. It is a complex centralizing system, in IBM words: 

“[…] is a pattern whereby a centralized software component performs integrations to backend systems (and translations of data models, deep connectivity, addressing and requests) and makes those integrations and translations available as service interfaces for reuse in new applications.”

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How can your business benefit from EAI?

There are many benefits that an enterprise app integration strategy can offer to your business, so here we mention the 3 main attributes:

Improves data management

No matter what strategy you implement, information will only have to be introduced once in the system, unless, of course, it needs to be updated. You will be able to connect different areas of the business and provide a higher customer service quality, as having the latest information at your fingertips will allow you to personalize your products or services more and more.

Resource optimization

By having all your processes and data collection unified, you will reduce work times, mechanical and time-consuming tasks, and your overall costs. Investing in enterprise application integration is a step ahead and a great investment, one that leads to savings and effectiveness.

Increases overall efficiency

With this type of strategy, you can achieve more flexibility within your company’s IT area, helping everyone to interact with the technology regardless of their skills. This will improve the accuracy of your information and increase efficiency in your operations. In addition, by automating your workflow, you will not only reduce the burden on your team, allowing them to focus on the really critical tasks, but you will also reduce the margin of error and have more control over each stage of the process.

In summary

Enterprise application integration is the cornerstone for exponential growth in the digital era. It is the recipe for reducing operational costs, increasing customer and team satisfaction while boosting your profits and gaining more control over your business processes. 

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