Find out what kind of CRM your business needs

If you managed to identify the most important activities within your company and also have knowledge of what is a CRM and its importance to improve processes and tasks in areas such as marketing, sales and accounting, all you have to do is choose the tool that best suits and responds to the needs of your business. Find out what kind of CRM your company needs.

Not all CRMs are the same, it depends on what the objective of your business is (either internal company management or more focused on customer interaction), so we can divide them into a CRM: Operational, analytical and collaborative.



It is responsible for improving and coordinating the activities of the sales, marketing and customer service departments. Besides, you will be able to manage specific tasks that relate directly to the customer to improve their experience.


  1. You will be able to obtain as much information from your customers, to identify their needs and also anticipate and offer them a product or service according to their expectations.
  1. Gathering information from your customers will be very useful when designing and implementing marketing campaigns, which will have a higher probability of success.
  1. To increase your database, will serve as input for the analytical function.



It allows you to analyze the behaviors made in the past, in the present, and those that could be a trend in the future. This will serve to identify different business opportunities, marketing and creation of new products or services.

It also helps you calculate sales and the work done in the different areas of your company. All this information will be very useful when deciding and identifying different commercial and marketing strategies with greater profitability.


  1. Produce detailed reports, to measure the results of the communications with the client (the impact of the promotion and the satisfaction index)
  1. With previously identified segments, you will be able to design more successful commercial campaigns, measure the performance, and effectiveness of commercial and marketing campaigns. Besides, calculate the efficiency of your sales team and customer satisfaction indexes.
  1. Find and predict patterns of your customers behavior taking into account their purchase history and habits.



It is in charge of the interaction between the company and the client. Its objective is to share and centralize all the information to offer each user an individual and personalized treatment. When you have a detailed knowledge of the different characteristics of a potential client, it allows you to better segment and adequately offer the ideal product or service.


By using this type of CRM, you channel the information provided by the marketing, customer service, design and sales departments. You will get a clearer and more effective picture of what the customer is asking for, you receive the same user experience, no matter what communication channel they use.

Do you want to know which CRM is the right one for your company?

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