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SEO and SEM guide to position your company in search engines

Tips to increase the positioning of your company with SEO and SEM strategies.

We want you to know the importance of having an SEO and SEM strategy to improve your company's online presence.

Guía seo y sem para posicionar tu empresa en buscadores

If your business is part of that 55% of companies that have created a website, now you have to fulfill the second commandment to generate visits and potential customers. Position it in search engines!

This strategy is known as SEO and SEM.

These are all those online marketing campaigns that will help your website to appear in prominent positions in search engines (Google being the main one)


If you pay for that space, you can quickly upload the clicks on your website, however, they are complicated to maintain when the budget runs out.

Guía SEO y SEM para posicionar tu empresa en buscadores


These are actions that position your website in the search engines in a natural way (free) but with much more work and time to get results.

Seo is based on the keywords you use for your website, blog, or social networks, these are included among the most common user searches and high enough for that potential customer to click on your website.

SEO and SEM actions are an art where more and more google search algorithms focus on useful content for users. This is a great way to move up the rankings.

In this way, companies are writing about topics that they dominate in their own blogs, besides maintaining profiles and accounts in social networks that have to be continuously filled with interesting and original topics.

Guía seo y sem para posicionar tu empresa en buscadores

Tips to have a better SEO

1. 1. To write your content, use the most used keywords with tools such as Google Trends, Keyword Tool or Keyword planner from Google Ads.

2. Create friendly links to your website means including normal words, not numbers or letters that we don't usually use.

3. Add images and videos to illustrate the contents and make them look more attractive.

4. Share your articles and those of others in social networks where you are present.

5. Use web analytics software (Google Analytics) to check the visits you are having and which keywords are positioned.

SEO and SEM positioning in search engines is a key strategy to move your business in the digital world.

Now, if all this is too complicated, we can help you!

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