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Automate your business processes and increase the effectiveness in your day-to-day operations.


Your technology ally! Software development and IT solutions for your company or start-up

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Technology addendo
We use the right tools

Data analytics

Data analytics addendo
We examine your business information


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Together we implement every process

Optimize processes
with our

Boost your business
with custom-made
de software
software development.

We seek the success and growth of your company.

We are certified partners

We make it possible

1. We analyze your business

2. We identify weaknesses and strengths

3. We develop custom-made solutions

6. We deliver you the reports of the results

5. We implement custom-made processes

4. We select the necessary tools

Our clients

This is what they say about us

Maria Fernanda
““They helped us to develop our brand from scratch. Firstly, they made a diagnosis and then they identified which were those tools that we needed for our company, now we have a worldwide positioning”.”

Viviana Rubiano
Its methodology includes a strategy for our business, this strategy has allowed us to incorporate technology to have a completely digital operation optimizing resources and allowing us to have clear control of our digital assets.``

Daniel Colorado
``When we decided to move forward and take a step in the digitization of our business model, Addendo provided us with a framework of solutions that allowed us to have a more controlled operation, along with a CRM and digital marketing, we moved forward to improve our customer service”
Bebé Genial

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