How to generate more Internet sales? 5 tips

From a small initiative that has just come to market, to companies that have been in an industry for decades, owners and executives are looking for ideas and methods that allow them to generate more sales on the Internet.

But many times they stay in an outdated marketing chain

The 5 tips we will share below can (and should) be implemented by any type of business, and will increase online sales – Guaranteed!


Create your website (and update it) – if you’re not there, you don’t exist!

There are many options for creating your page, from free platform templates to custom developments that allow you to have control and maintenance of your content your way. A website not only acts as a shelf of products and categories for your brand, product, or service: It also helps customers feel safe, as they can check the legitimacy of your company.

A simple landing-site can also help you to have a business card that your customers can share with their circle of acquaintances and friends, and also it allows you to measure the interest generated by your products. Can you imagine discovering that hundreds of thousands of people are interested in your brand, but you are not generating the same number of monthly internet sales? This would be a call to investigate opportunities on how to generate more sales on the Internet.

With good search engine optimization (SEO) your site can also reach quantities and segments of buyers that your marketing team would not imagine, even attracting audiences from your competitors. For a successful SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us. Addendo can offer you a wide range of services for all types of budgets.


Ensure your presence in social networks – Your audience wants you!

If your website can be compared to having your winery or premises, social networks are undoubtedly the place where your customers move, even, recent studies point out that it is the first place where people look for products – Not even in search engines!

Setting up a Facebook page, an Instagram business account, or managing your LinkedIn institutional account allows your customers to find your company faster, by the means that comes most naturally to them, and share with their networks the value they see in your company without taking them out of the environment in which they normally communicate.

A good social media content strategy helps you not only to use your accounts to sell more to your captive customers, but to use your network of contacts to attract more audiences, and even to learn about your customers’ interests – whatever you discover about your audience, consumption habits, or tastes can change the direction of your business!


Customer Service – No Community, No Sales

Something very important for your company is the customer service you give to the person interested in acquiring your products, to the buyer who is using them, and a good post-sale follow-up can make the difference between your company and its competition.

Solving your buyers’ doubts, sharing key information in different formats (such as text, images, or videos), answering messages is time well spent that will be directly related to increasing your sales – Buyers like to feel heard!

Turn every satisfied customer into a fan of your brand, and don’t let a bad experience become the most recognized story. To do this, assign a person or team to handle your brand communication in networks, such as the Addendo team, which has the experience and professional tools.


Online advertising – Without promotion, you don’t show up!

You have a website, you have a presence in social networks, but despite publishing and investing time in a whole digital strategy, you do not generate more sales on the Internet. So you ask “What am I doing wrong?”

The answer: You are not doing anything wrong – Don’t stop what you are doing! But sometimes it is time to wake up and get on top of the race. Winning means investing in online advertising – Don’t let them take you off the game board by not advertising!

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram promotion, investment in SEO. Although the economic investment may be less than you imagine, doing well to attract more sales is a science that agencies like Addendo have well-calibrated.


Sell directly from your website – Implement e-commerce!

Having a person who follows your networks 24/7 becomes insufficient and expensive. Including a payment gateway to your website not only helps establish your company as a legitimate business but also you are making it easier for your local and overseas customers to pay, leaving a record for both parties.

This last step can be one of the most complexes to implement, but it is not difficult when you hire someone who knows how to do it. Redirecting your customers to your website helps your company’s positioning in search engines (generating more sales on the Internet), and makes it easier to keep the accounts at the end of the month.


What is the importance of CRM in companies?


Bonus – An additional piece of advice: Implement a follow-up system for leads, clients, and post-sales with a CRM.

If you have already implemented all the previous steps, then you have nothing to lose (and instead much to gain) by integrating a CRM to your payment gateway. A CRM or customer management system allows you to keep a visual record in an intuitive platform of contacts, leads, conversations you’ve had with them, closed sales, and post-sales service: Steps that multiply your sales with the proper follow-up.

It can be implemented by our team using the same server you have for your website and is 100% secure.

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