How to take advantage of up selling and cross selling in your e-commerce?

Learn more about up selling and cross selling techniques

Previously it was common that the only way to close a sale was via phone call. In fact, this strategy of cold calling continues to have a very positive impact on attracting prospects, however,  you can have better results and generate higher conversions by doing cross-selling and up-selling.


The importance of developing a sales process in your company


Cross selling

It is a type of marketing strategy that takes care of offering the clients related products that they might be interested in. That is why it is very effective when integrated into e-commerce or a site that sells products or services.


Up selling

It is the opportunity to offer your potential customer a product that relates to their interests or to products they have already purchased, we can see this clearly when carrying out remarketing campaigns.

This kind of up selling and cross selling strategies have a very positive impact on the commercial processes because it allows us to continue building the loyalty of potential customers and, additionally, to make them acquire more about our products and services. Therefore it has a high percentage of return on investment (ROI).

When closing sales it is much easier to do so with customers who have already bought from us than with a new prospect, this is because they already know the brand and the products or services we are offering them. So applying up-selling and cross-selling strategies will be very effective.

It is worth clarifying that each business and industry is different, so it is important to differentiate in which to apply them and additionally how to compliment them.


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Marketing Resources

In e-commerce, cross selling generates a great impact, but first, it is important to make an up-sell before the users add what they want to buy to the cart. The idea is to show them related products or services so they can make their purchasing decision based on their needs.

After this, an additional purchase can be made by simply recommending products or services with which they can complement what they have just purchased.

One of the main conditions to apply this cross-selling strategy is that the experience must be totally personalized to each client because you are offering products or services recommendations according to their needs.

Therefore, if you want to sell more through your online store you will need to improve your marketing resources. You can start implementing landing pages, lead capture campaigns, automated emails, and more since this strategy will help you get more sales simply and practically. 

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