Information and Communication Technology

The ICT’s or information and communication technology are the tools and Software used to create new ways of communication. ICT’s, or information and communication technologies, are the programs and tools used to create new ways of communication. They are linked to the transmission, processing, and digital storage of information. In the last decade, they have acquired relevance in society, but what are they for? And, how do we know what they are?

Types of ICT’S

The ICT’s programming and alternatives are present in most economic sectors. In the educational system, administration, various businesses, robotics, health, among others. The following is a general classification of the types that we can find nowadays:

  • Terminals are the access points that people can use to get information. These are computers, their operating systems, internet browsers, televisions, smartphones, and video game consoles. 
  • Networks. These are communication systems made up of software, hardware, as well as users. They link several computers and include broadband and, both fixed, and mobile telephony. As an advantage, they can exchange, transmit, and share information resources. Providing standardization in the applications they’re given and, therefore, greater effectiveness. 
  • Each consumer has various Services in ICT’s at their reach. These are electronic management, e-mails, education, online banking, e-health, television, cinema, among others.

Information and Communication Technology


ICT’s advantages?

Because they provide easy access effectively and in forms available for all levels of acknowledgment, they offer numerous advantages:

  • Instantaneous: Information is delivered immediately and travels equally fast.
  • Intangibility: Everything is digital, allowing you to store the desired amount of information without occupying a physical space.
  • Connectivity: As it allows joining different types of technology, tools are multiplied. In addition, they’re able to make information available just by owning a device.
  • Innovation: as it’s linked to technology, there is always a new resource and constant updating of existing ones.
  • Interactivity: There is bi-directionality among the procedures of information transformation. The communication exchanges between groups and individuals are made through websites, videoconferences, blogs, among other ICT’s.


How do Information and Communication Technology help your business?

By being communication and information tools, they help with diffusion, making your brand reach a wider audience thanks to advertising. There are new alternatives, like creating a business profile in platforms such as LinkedIn, that offer alternatives for boosting your business.

Also, they are useful to find new markets and clients, once you can adapt to the novel means of communication. Knowing this now, will you let your business become obsolete? Use information and communication technology to your advantage, adapt to the 4.0 era, and see your business conquer new horizons.

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