How to know which is the best type of CRM for your company

Customer Relationship Management software is a business’s best ally to date. As they are no longer “just some technical service” and more like global solutions that optimize operative, marketing, and commercial processes.

There are basically 3 types of CRM. However, with the support of a team of marketing and technology experts, it is possible to adapt any of them to your company.

For that reason, we’ll explain below, what you need to keep in mind when looking for a CRM, based on your operative needs. Also, after reading this article, you’ll understand each of the 3 types there are on the market and what they’re for. 

Key factors to keep in mind when choosing a CRM

A CRM software is a system that allows you to have a registration of all the interactions made with your customer or potential client. 

Since this system offers several solutions, it is quite probable that, at least in the beginning—, you won’t be needing them all. That’s why it’s so important that you first consider all the key factors that will allow you to make the right decision.

  • Define your company’s goals and priorities

Do you need to improve your communication channels to attract a wider audience and build loyalty?

Or, are you looking for a program that helps you be in control of your stock and that does follow-ups on who buys what, creating a database on each client?

Or maybe, you are looking for a system that allows you to integrate 2 or more areas of your business to make work more efficient…

No matter what your goal is, there is a CRM that helps you achieve it. But first, you’ll need to define it. 

  • Identify the technological stage of your business

Maybe your company is an e-commerce startup, or maybe it is a huge logistics company, or maybe it’s an SME… it’s not really the point. The size doesn’t matter here, what matters is how digital your business is. 

For example, you may have a giant company, but, if you still keep your data in Excel sheets, your business belongs to the analog world.

Perhaps you already have an integrated system that keeps a record of your clients, stock, and commercial actions, but you still haven’t seen any ROI from it.

Or, perhaps you are a born and raised digital company, looking to take the next step with custom-made software development.

Honesty is key when making this evaluation. Ask your team about it, and if it’s possible, consult with tech-savvy.

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  • Which areas of your business need to be integrated?

Think about your operational processes, from pre- to post-sale. Analyze which of them are interdependent and would work more efficiently if integrated.

Let’s take, as an example, a grocery shop that does deliveries. It may need to integrate its sales team (the ones in charge of WhatsApp Business) with its logistics team (the ones managing inventory). Or, this same shop, may need to connect its sales team with marketing (the ones creating WhatsApp ads), or with accountability (the ones who take a record of the numbers).

Our recommendation, again, is that you consult with your team before making a decision. Listening to the ones who will be using the software might be the key to achieving greater efficiency.

Which are the best type of CRM there are and, what are they for?

Analytic CRM 

This type of CRM is recommended for those who have a large customer database and want to make the most of it to increase sales.

Since analytical CRMs include OLAP tools, it is particularly useful for those who have an online presence and run digital marketing campaigns. Such tools allow you to simultaneously analyze several factors about those who interact with your website (or any other digital presence). 

Another key component is data mining, i.e., finding trends and preferences among your customers based on collected and stored data, plus digitally analyzed data. 

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Operative CRM

 Whether you already have an online presence or you’re aiming for it, Operative CRM is for you. The purpose of this software is to simplify the lives of marketing teams. It allows you to automate mechanical and tedious tasks such as scheduling email marketing campaigns, online posting, etc. On the other hand, with this type of system, you’ll be able to program commercial processes and standardize customer service with automation. 

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Collaborative CRM 

This one is ideal if you want the areas that relate more directly with your client, sharing information simultaneously. Collaborative CRM basically integrates marketing, sales, and customer service with a single system. This means all the above will be able to track every interaction with the client, whether made online or offline. 

This is called information management, and is very useful to better profile your customer, allowing everyone in your staff to work as a team, moving forward in the same direction.

In addition, this type of CRM is able to provide an analysis to determine which are the best channels to communicate with your users, according to their preferences and necessities. 

In a nutshell

Every business needs a CRM. However, before rushing into buying one like a dog chasing pigeons…  You must be clear on the reasons your company requires it, why you want it, and who is going to use it. 

Then, get expert advice. Keep in mind the types of systems there are in the market and remember you can always develop your own system, customize an existing one, or create an innovative solution to integrate two or more software.  

At, we are a professional team of experts in technology implementation, business development, and digital marketing strategy. 

We are constantly under creative production, and always ready to offer custom-made solutions for any company looking to take a higher leap in the digital era. 

Contact us and get personalized advice on the type of CRM that better fits your business and how to implement it.

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