Marketing in times of pandemic

With the restriction measures due to the current pandemic and the temporary closure of many businesses, questions arise as to how to approach marketing in your business or identify what you can publish in the various digital media.

It’s true that some businesses, such as food and pharmaceutical companies, may operate according to established measures. However, there are many businesses that cannot even open their doors. So you might ask yourself, what can I do with my social networks?

That’s why in this blog we will answer all these questions and learn how to face the pandemic with quality marketing.


Maintain a social presence


Because of social distancing measures, people spend more time online, so it is your chance to stand out from the competition. You can do this by interacting much more in social networks, answering the questions and messages from your audience.

You should also have a website, where you can have the whole catalog of your products and services with their respective prices.


It’s time for loyalty

You must facilitate your accessibility, your customer service, and the way you communicate with your clients and prospects. Show that your brand cares about them.


Social Responsibility

If your brand can go further and help the community through your products and services or if you have any ideas on how to contribute, this is the time to show that your brand is interested in leaving a mark on society.


Join the cause


Don’t let your brand remain silent at crucial moments like this. You can make a statement about your care policy, or any content that is relevant and related to pandemic.


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Don’t stop posting

With isolation, people have more time and seek information constantly. Users want to clear their minds and learn something new. While the media is saturated with information related to the coronavirus, you will be able to publish content relevant to your audience.

You can start educating your users with tips, advice, and reviews. This should be content that helps your audience to learn more. With all this, you will be able to build loyalty, generate more trust and interaction, in this way, you will position your brand in the market.

Therefore, it is time to be present, more active and more human as a brand. If in your business the activities have stopped, this must not happen with your posts in the online platforms. Conversely, take advantage of the time and develop strategic content that can help your audience.
Let this be a time to innovate and rethink your business with new ideas and future actions. Undoubtedly, marketing in times of pandemic can be positive for you, not only to improve your online presence, but also to reinvent yourself as a brand and strengthen your strategy in general.

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