Meet the 5 industries that benefit most from chatbot

How have industries benefited from the arrival of chatbot?

If you have a business, you know that offering unique experiences to your customers is synonymous with business growth. Prioritizing the customer and making their experience with your brand unforgettable, is a great solution to make a difference in a market so competitive but for this, it is important to provide personalized attention, giving a timely response, and here chatbot will be the best ally for your company.

Chatbots have been setting the standard in the business environment for some years now, but why a chatbot? Well, to understand it better you must take into account that about 90% of customers prefer communication through text.

So that’s where chatbots come in, being a perfect tool to improve the UX or user experience without the need for a high budget.

It is as if you had 24/7 collaborators ready to serve your customers in a unique and timely manner. That is why here you will know the 5 industries that have benefited the most from chatbots


Let’s start with E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the industries that will benefit most from chatbots, this is due to the change in our buying habits. Currently, 83% of customers make purchases online, however at any stage of the purchase may require assistance and that is where chatbots can perform perfectly.

According to studies by HubSpot, 47% of customers would be willing to make a purchase online through a chatbot.


The Banking Sector

The area where they have benefited the most is customer service since they can now attend to all users at any time of the day and reduce operating costs; now the solution is no longer provided by a person but by a machine.


In order to speed up and automate a whole tedious process as far as the medical care of thousands of patients is concerned, it is now possible to perform actions more easily thanks to chatbots, for example, the assignment of appointments, medical examinations, or even home medical assistance; artificial intelligence will undoubtedly be a great ally within the health sector.



Some airlines have implemented the use of chatbots through their social networks in this case Messenger, increasing by 40% the interaction with their customers.


Human Resources

The chatbots have improved the selection process and have helped to maintain good communication with the applicants, providing timely responses.

As you have noticed, chatbots have become an essential resource for multiple sectors of the economy. If you have a business or are part of a company that has not yet implemented a chatbot, we know how to help you.

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