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Why is it important to create an App for my company?

Know some advantages that an app offers to your company

Nowadays, the use of the Internet is becoming more and more popular in mobile devices, surpassing the domain of desktop computers, this allows you to visualize a path for marketing. Whatever your product or service is, having an app allows your business to build customer loyalty and improve sales. Discover here, why it is so important to create an app for your company.

Most smartphone users prefer mobile applications to the traditional web. This means that if you only focus on developing a website for your company as the only marketing tool, you are losing a good part of potential customers.

Apps can do everything you do with the internet and much more. That's why you need to know the importance of mobile apps.

¿Por qué es importante crear una App para mi empresa?

Advantages of an app for your company


One of the main benefits of apps is notifications. The moment your customers download your application, you can send them personalized messages directly to their cell phones, so they can access your offers and promotions.

Offline access

Using apps makes it easier for your customers to access all your company's information even without an Internet connection.


Based on the needs of each sector, there are mobile applications in the market for each type of business . These are some of the benefits that you will get with creating an app for your company..

1. Brand strengthening

Your company will stand out from the competition by having a mobile application or website.

2. Increased visibility

Once your app is in Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store, you will always be available to thousands of users interested in your products and services.

3. Alternative sales channel

Users will be able to make purchases of your products or services as they would from a physical branch.

4. Speed

The purchase is just a click away.

5. Usability

You will be able to have a personalized app for your business, with a friendly design to obtain the maximum results in sales.

6. Notifications

It will be very useful for you to create a stronger relationship with your customers and at any time, notify them about promotions, discounts, offers, surveys and more.

7. Customer Loyalty

Your app will be installed on your client's mobile device, so every time they open their device's menu, it will highlight your brand there, and they will be more likely to enter your app again and again. This way, you can use it as a direct purchasing channel and the link with your business will be strengthened.

The process

Each mobile application is composed of 3 stages: consulting, design and development.

You can publish your app in Google Play Store for operating systems (Android) or App Store for Apple operating systems (iOS).

Once your brand or business is published, you will be able to update its content in real time and without any previous knowledge.


An app is undoubtedly an excellent way to boost your business, build customer loyalty and multiply your sales. Therefore, you must take advantage of digital marketing so that you can connect with your customers, wherever they are.

Join Addendo and together we will create the best version of the app for your company!

¡Nosotros te enseñamos cómo hacerlo!

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