Which programming languages are best for creating custom software?

If you are at that stage of the process, when they start talking about programming languages, and you do not know which one to choose because you do not understand their differences, here we tell you which are the six most used in the world and what benefits each one offers, so you can start with the one that suits you best.  

Nowadays, neither companies nor individuals can function on a day-to-day basis without technology. And, when it comes to companies, there is a constant need for evolution and innovation, which implies greater digital development and programming challenges. Moreover, a growing number of entrepreneurs are opting for the construction of customized software to meet their needs, both at an industrial level and specific to their business model. 


Why every entrepreneur should understand programming

If you want proper custom software development, you need to know which language will benefit your company the most and understand why. This will allow you to better communicate with your programming team and ensure that your company’s primary needs are met.

In addition, understanding what each language is about and knowing how to interpret the language you use in your company will help you to more easily identify bugs and problems and be more efficient in finding solutions.


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Now let’s see which are the most commonly used programming languages and what benefits each one offers so that you can make the best decision. 


The 6 most common programming languages

Java Script

It is a high-level language, very popular among web programmers. Being one of the most used worldwide, it is the preferred language in 95% of the cases for customer-side design, and the one to which more information you’ll have access.

This is a great advantage when you dive into the computing world because almost all the answers to your possible queries can be found on the Internet.  When programming with JavaScript (JS), you will be able to:

  • Create website effects
  • Generate pop-up messages
  • Implement simple games
  • Design dynamic and intuitive websites



Although they are not considered programming languages, HTML5 and CSS are very powerful codes commonly used by programmers and developers to specify website content (HTML5) and presentation (CSS). 

Therefore, knowing about these codes and understanding their language is extremely useful for entrepreneurs and business people who are starting out on this path. As with JavaScript, there is a lot of information circulating about these codings, so learning JS, HTML5, and CSS can be the basic recipe for your initiation.



Another language whose popularity has been increasing over the years, because despite being considered a simple language, it is capable of coding and programming complex operations. Companies such as Facebook and Tumblr use this language on their servers, as it can be executed across all platforms and operative systems and combined with JavaScript as a complement to boost its features.

programming languages


This is the language used to create applications on Android and Google, is the second most popular after JavaScript, since Java is specialized in apps and JS on the web, so it will also be easy to find information and solutions to your questions online. It is also known for its ability to produce high-quality products, so if what you need is to develop a great Android App, here is where to start.


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The most recent programming language is Swift, with which applications are created on iOS, macOS, and all Apple products. The company that revolutionized the tech world with the smartphone, launched its own language in 2018, along with an immense amount of online resources that allow you to clarify doubts and continue learning. 

Not all companies will be better off using Swift, however, if your target market are Apple users, this language will be your best ally. 


The popularity of this programming language has been increasing over time. As it is closer to human communication, many universities and educational institutions prefer it instead to JavaScript to introduce their students to computer programming. 

Python is dynamic, simple, and versatile, capable of replacing server-side code such as PHP and JavaScript, and certainly a recommendation to start learning. 


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In a nutshell

The best language to program custom software will depend on your own preferences and business needs, they are all useful, each one has advantages and, once you learn the first one, you will find it easy to learn any other. 

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