Software A-z: long story short.

Every day, we use several types of software in our daily lives. Behind each activity we perform on a screen, there is a programmer and a developer behind it who created software. 

But, how was software born? who invented it? and, how did it evolve to its current version? In this article, we tell you its story briefly from its creation to the present day. 

What is the software

In simple words, the software is the creation of a language that translates from human languages to computer codes. Computers work under a binary code language, meaning ones (1) and zeros (0), with which an infinite amount of combinations can be obtained to produce commands. 

So, every action we do on our screens is a message in binary code for the machine. Now, although this may sound simple, carrying it out was not always so. 

Nowadays, there are many types of software, but there is also a standardization according to their type. We use them in our personal lives and in business, too, however, they all still have something in common that was the trigger for their invention and development: They all store information and organize it in a way that optimizes work and improves the experience. 

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Now let’s have a look at how software began and how it has evolved over time.

Software on its beginning

Since the beginning of computers, programming trials began. At first, cardboard with dots where holes were punched was used. If there was a hole, the computer understood that it was zero and if there wasn’t, then it was one. 

From cardboards, they went to tapes, and thus, their storage size became smaller and smaller, although computers were still large and only companies used them. 

However, offices were still full of useless papers that only took up space and made information management more complicated. Then, IBM revolutionized the industry with the hard disk.

Software A-z: long story short

The technology industry

Until the late 1960s, there was no software standardization, so each company had to develop its own system, further complicating matters and increasing costs. 

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But when the idea of storing information in relative rows and columns was born, IMB once again revolutionized the technology industry with the development of a standardized, adaptable program. The software then gained popularity and became available to more consumers and allowing the birth of a wide variety of programs. 

From corp to home

In the seventies, Intel develops the first microchip calculator, capable of solving math problems through a micro card that, initially, was adapted to calculators and later, computers. 

This reduced the size of computers tremendously, which is when it spread throughout the world. The problem here was that users could not program by themselves, so a new player arrived: Microsoft, who became IBM’s operating system supplier.

Storage developments

At first, information was stored on floppy disks. But those could only support a certain amount of data, which required the software to be simple. Also, personal computers had no hardware, so everything was stored on servers, which were rooms containing huge hard disks that stored the data from the microcomputers. When these began to be full, luckily the internet was already booming, opening the way to virtual storage of information, i.e. CDs. 

They were able to store much more information than floppy disks and were capable of supporting more complex software, eventually evolving into DVDs that could store several elaborated programs. But even that is basically obsolete today.

Today: SaaS and IoT, the boom arrives

The power of the internet continued to grow and the technology to evolve, so people, instead of buying the Microsoft suite on a DVD, began to buy it online. Now storage is in the cloud and hard disks are starting to be left behind, although they are also getting smaller and have a more powerful capacity. 

In 2003 Amazon offers infrastructure services for information technology, and users begin to move to the SaaS model, where software is offered as a service through a license that is paid by subscription, and in which data is hosted at a central location. 

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The rise of the famous IoT (Internet of Things), which is an interrelated system of computing devices that transfer data to each other without requiring human intervention, makes software and computer programming increasingly useful and necessary in our lives and those of companies. 

Today there are trillions of gigabytes of data and countless devices and chips, as well as tons of software, systems, operators, and programs, that are crucial for business. we walk you and your team through the entire software development and implementation process so that you can boost your business and increase its profits. We are technology, business strategy, and digital marketing experts, and we rely on a creative team that is always ready to innovate.

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