Do you still use Excel to manage your customers’ information?

Many companies are leaving Excel aside to manage their customer information from a CRM.

Spreadsheets currently represent disadvantages such as little flexibility and limited security against CRM, besides, it can lead to some disadvantages also in front of the competition. Several companies continue to record their sales and marketing activities in spreadsheets such as Excel.

It is a fairly functional and easy-to-use tool. However, many companies are implementing a CRM in their businesses, because it is more cost-effective and efficient to manage the data. Continuing to use this platform to manage company data and not moving to more modern tools could result in companies not reaching their full potential.


Advantages of an Excel

In the first instance it is easy to use and it has a quite high recognition. Many of the micro entrepreneurs register all the information of their business in an Excel and also, it is very economical for a small database.

Disadvantages of spreadsheets:

  1. Files take up too much space.
  2. Unsure because the documents can be opened and viewed by anyone.
  3. Not suitable for making changes with multiple users at the same time.
  4. It is very difficult to share data.
  5. High risk of data loss, because it stores information on a physical medium such as a computer.
  6. It creates excessive dependency, since many people want to do everything through an Excel, without using the proper programs.
  7. Information recorded in an Excel spreadsheet can be disseminated and fall into the hands of competitors.
  8. Limited interface capabilities, making it complex to work with thousands of data.
  9. Not very efficient to manage a database.
  10. Poor ability to share information.
  11. Spreadsheets are an obstacle to the growth of the sales and marketing system.
  12. Does not keep a history of each client.
  13. Little flexibility and limited security.

A committed company will look for ways to strengthen the relationship with its customers. Improving progressively the areas involved to always offer the best service. From the marketing area to the sales and customer service area. So, the most efficient way to achieve this is through the management process with a CRM.

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What are you losing by not using a CRM?

  1. Build lasting relationships with your customers by offering a more personalized service.
  2. Increase the possibilities for cross-selling and up-selling.
  3. Respond in less time to the needs and requests of customers and prospects.
  4. Increase the closing rate in the management of potential customers.
  5. Improve the profitability of the company, with this you can obtain greater cost reduction by optimizing internal processes within your company.
  1. Improve email marketing campaigns through follow-up and segmentation.
  2. Obtain valuable and detailed information of each client.
  3. Align the marketing and sales area to centralize towards the same objective.
  4. Store information in real time.
  5. Carry out campaigns to obtain new potential clients, easily using your clients’ data in a CRM.

It is time to innovate, leave aside the old Excel and allow new technologies to facilitate the processes in your company and also work with easy and practical tools. As your company grows and the relationship with your customers increases, the Excel sheet becomes insufficient.

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