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Nowadays, Apps development to improve companies’ services is a necessity. Many fear this hole new world, but, it is actually very practical and perfectly adapts to your vision. Plus, apps help the user carry out the different actions they must perform, being useful, easy to use, and eye-catching according to the market.

Statistically, people spend more than 5 hours a day on their devices. Most of those hours are spent on apps. Which is why investing in them often provides high profitability. In addition, it offers you a key advantage to position your company on top of your competitors. Read on to find out what solutions exist, which one is best for you, and why you should opt for a custom-made app.


What type of Custom-Made Apps are there?

The need to create online software derives from the increasing popularity of mobile devices. There are three main types of custom-made apps, with different features, that adapt to what you are looking for as a company.


Native Apps

Native apps are developed under a specific operative system. You’ve probably already used this type of app because they’re very common. They usually work in platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, with their computer language. 

This type of app is characterized for being equally functional and stable. You can get the most out of them, using the device’s tools like the camera and GPS. As examples for this category, we gathered some renowned companies like Twitter, Candy Crush, and Facebook. The advantages that make native apps stand out are:

  • It is possible to send users notifications or alerts
  • Some of them do not require internet connection to function
  • They offer constant updating


¿Why is it important to develop an app for my company?


Web Applications

Web apps are the different tools that can be used by logging on to a web server on the Internet, typically through a browser. They are based on a programming language that can be JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Unlike the previous ones, web apps do not occupy space on the device, since everything operates directly on the servers.

There are different kinds of web apps, depending on the content management or the way it’ll be displayed for the user. For example, in static web, this custom-made application is more specific and doesn’t require being constantly updated. On the other hand, the dynamic ones, have an administration panel from which content, such as news, posts, images, or videos, can be created and published. The e-commerce ones, those for online stores, include payment methods.


Hybrid Apps Development

They are a mix of the two types above. It is one of the most demanded one by the companies as it covers mores devices and channels. Hybrid apps are not restricted to an operative system because they reuse code components from several systems. They have a faster development, since it is a simple language, therefore it’s a great option. Also, they usually require less maintenance, as there is only one development in different platforms.


Why is application development useful for your business?

When it comes to  improvement, there is always one more rung to climb, even more so if we are talking about technology. Having an app allows companies to relate with their clients or audience. Specially in times like this, where face-to-face contact is becoming less necessary and where we continue to find ways of doing everything from the comfort of our homes. So you can get to know your customer, thanks to the information they provide you, and obtain effective feedback.

Another advantage is that your audience will increase on a large scale. It is no longer just the people who may frequent your business, but anyone who owns a device. You’ll position yourself just a few clicks away from a potential sale, proving how innovative your company is. So, do not hesitate to evolve. Take this big step, holding hands with app development, towards what your company needs to position itself among the best.

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