The importance of developing a sales process in your company

Just as its name indicates, a process is an action of moving forward as time passes with a set of successive stages. That is why it is important for any company to carry out a sales process to increase profits and for the company to obtain the greatest benefits.

Each phase is associated with a series of activities that must be accomplished in established times to be carried out successfully, that is why it is necessary to establish times for each stage of strategic planning.

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All sales processes are different; as they depend on the industry, whether it is a product or service, the brand identity and the strategy for each one of them, it also defines a lot the way of purchase that potential customers have in each of these markets, so it is very difficult to make a standard process but if you can make some general points to consider:


Discover your customer:

In this first stage, it is important to know which is your client to focus your strategies and value propositions to people with that need, either of a product or service in particular. In this case, it is also important to know which is your business model to conduct and elaborate on the sales process according to the industry in which we are. This will avoid investing time and resources in people who would not buy, who are not interested in your product or service, to center on strategies focused on your target audience.


Identify what is the current sales process of the company to discover the points to strengthen:

It is important to establish how the current sales process is being managed to identify where it is failing and build on that to strengthen or create new stages.


Design digital marketing strategies focused on your prospects:

Once you have defined your Buyer Persona, it is important to start building lists of qualified prospects, either through digital marketing campaigns or traditional marketing. At this point it is important to know what are the buying habits of your customers and social networks that consume more to focus your advertising efforts on them, since brands don’t need to have a presence in all social networks, the important thing is to bring relevant content from these media to the target audience we want to address. From these campaigns, it is important to make a list of prospects, the easiest way to do this from a CRM.


Approach with the potential client:

If we already have captured the data of our customers, it is important to follow up on them either through email marketing strategies or calls. The important thing is to make the first contact to achieve a meeting.


First meeting:

As you already have had the first approach with your client, you already know what their needs are and what they want to solve, so in this first meeting, you must continue to know more about what they want, ask questions that help you make a strategy focused on their requirements to make it attractive to them.


Proposition, negotiation, and closing:

After the previous steps, these three are very easy since if you already know your potential client very well and you have designed a proposition focused on their needs, the closing will happen automatically.


These are some of the steps to carry out a sales process, however, they can vary according to the interests and needs of each company.

Following a sales process is important to achieve optimal results for both B2C and B2B companies, as it not only helps you to increase efficiency in your processes but also helps to make the results more predictable and to better organize strategic planning.

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