Know the types of e-commerce for your business

E-commerce has different types of business models, discover them here.

E-commerce is an instrument that allows us to sell and buy products, services, and information in real-time. This is achieved through the Internet, using channels such as social networks and websites; that is why you should not miss out on the types of e-commerce and their differences.

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The impact of e-commerce has allowed the emergence of social networks, generating a change in consumer habits.

The profiles of today’s buyers, also known as “cyber-consumers” no longer demand only price, but also the quality and excellent service in both pre-sales and post-sales. Their purchasing power is much greater and their decision-making capacity is linked to innovatively meeting their needs.

Today the Internet has become part of everyone’s life and is the means of communication par excellence, this allows companies to have an opportunity to improve their business since there is no geographical barrier that stops the Internet.

We must understand that the elements that make e-commerce possible are linked to information and communication technologies (called ICTs). Thus, a new infrastructure for business processes is created.

To better understand, know what the types of e-commerce are.


B2B Business to Business

types of e-commerce b2b addendo

This is the type of e-commerce in which a company exchanges goods or services with another company.

In this model, companies use online marketing to reach new business customers, to serve current customers more efficiently and at better prices.

E-commerce at this level reduces errors and increases sales and business relationships.



B2C Business to consumer

types of e-commerce b2c addendo

Companies that sell goods and services to end consumers online. It includes a simple promotion by the seller through the website, to the closing of the transaction or purchase.

This model is where the online intermediaries and the different e-commerce platforms or types of e-commerce participate.

For example


I enter its page, I see what I like, and I ask for it.


C2C Consumer to consumer

types of e-commerce c2c addendo

Here there is already an online exchange of goods and information between end consumers.

In this model, products or services are offered relatively simply. It is direct contact between buyers and sellers. In the case of SMEs, this service can become an ideal way to exploit and trigger its sales through the web.

For example, Ebay or Mercado Libre.


C2B Consumer to business

types of e-commerce c2b addendo

An online exchange appears in which consumers search for sellers, learn about their offers, initiate purchases, and sometimes determine the terms of the transaction.

For example


Where consumers offer their products or services to companies and these buy.


B2G Business to Government

It consists of optimizing the negotiation processes between the company and the government through the use of the Internet. They are related to public administration sites or portals. From company to administration!

This is the marketing of the public sector and includes the commercialization of products and services at different levels of government.


Now you know it, there are e-commerce models aimed at consumers and businesses but there are also models initiated by businesses and consumers. So, analyze very well what is the focus of your business and what model of e-commerce fits.

If you are thinking of setting up your own e-commerce or improving your current e-commerce strategy, contact experts. We know you may still have doubts, we have a team of professionals ready to provide you with the best technical and strategic support, to make your idea a great business.

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