Do you want to organize your company database?

Since you started your company, you have tried to do everything possible to generate potential customers, whether through social networks or any other channel. However, you can’t sell enough and you don’t know how to organize your database

More customers mean more income, but at the same time, it is difficult to keep in communication with each customer. Every day your sales area interacts with hundreds of potential customers, they are usually stored in different files, even important information is in agendas with reminders.

So it’s very easy to get confused with obsolete databases and what you end up with is lost customers. Most companies lose 50% of their customers every 5 years, besides, 70% of lost sales opportunities are due to poor customer relations. However, you should keep in mind something important, and that is that you can get more sales after a customer has bought from you for the first time.

It is very common for companies to leave tasks undone because the person who was supposed to do them never found out, this leads to poor internal communication.

Not registering the management of a customer’s purchase process generates a loss of information.


How to know which is the best type of CRM for your company


company addendoFor example, when contacting a potential customer, the result of the call is to reschedule another contact. However, it often happens that this information is not recorded or is forgotten completely.


Therefore, the management and process of converting that prospect into a customer are lost, this generates losses in both your database and sales.






What affects your company?

Many times, sales opportunities are missed because you do not follow up on customers interested in buying “later”.

Another important factor to take into account and which is possibly affecting your company is productivity. Although it is not only focused on the distractions a worker may face daily, it is about the few tools that are provided to them. So a CRM software makes the company available to its workers.

You may ask, how can I solve these problems?

First, you must know what CRM software is. This is a tool that allows you to build lasting relationships and work in a personalized way with your current and potential customers, listen and respond actively through the different channels that you have available in your company.

So that implementing a CRM Software for your company will allow you to manage and automate the relationships with your customers. The idea is that you understand the CRM concept in terms of how you can provide personalized service and how to get the most out of it.

Download the following free infographics with CRM data worldwide that will give you a broader understanding of what CRM is doing in the industry and why its use is growing.

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