What characterizes online shoppers in Colombia?

The number of online shoppers in Colombia has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. When we were forced to stay at home and many were left with nothing but the screen as a companion, the percentage of Colombians who made an online order reached 57%. So companies from all industries had to take their business towards e-commerce and venture into the digital world. 


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Today, according to La República newspaper, 35% of shoppers are online, and according to Statista, 290 million transactions are expected this year (2022). This shows that the country is just starting to move towards a digital transformation, and those who constitute this percentage will be a limited audience that shares certain traits.

So if you are part of the entrepreneurs who are making their way into electronic trading, we recommend you read this article for a deeper understanding of how online shoppers behave.


Who are the online buyers in Colombia?

A study conducted by Kantar confirms that most Colombian online shoppers are less than 34 years old, receive medium-high incomes, are located between strata 4-6 and their purchase average is $40,000 Colombian pesos. 

However, e-commerce is not developed in all Colombian regions. The most active areas have been the Pacific, the Santanderes (Norte de Santander and Santander), Cundinamarca, and Antioquia; being the first one having the highest percentage of consumers and the last one, with the lowest. Nevertheless, Bogotá, being the capital city and having a higher density of population, is the city that registers more electronic purchases, followed by Medellín and Cali. 

Another important consumer consideration is their gender. In Colombia, the majority of shoppers are women, and not only offline, but also online. For example, during last Cyber Monday, 70% of shoppers were women and 30% were men. 


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Which are the most frequent consumer habits in Colombia?

Below you’ll find some data, statistics, and descriptions to help decode some of the patterns most commonly encountered among online shoppers in the country:

  • 70% of online purchases are made from mobile phones.
  • The income of online shoppers is 3 times higher than the average income of Colombians.
  • 86% of purchases are done to Colombian companies.
  • Online transactions have increased by 66% after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 87% of buyers report being satisfied with their shopping experience.
  • During the last Cyber Monday, shoppers between 18-34 years old represented 42%, those between 35-44 years old, 21%, and those aged 45 to 54, 14%.
  • On that same Cyber Monday, the most sought-after category was travel, accounting for 40%, followed by technology at 19%, home appliances at 14%, and fashion at 9%.


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What challenges do e-commerce companies face?

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to online sales is to gain the consumer’s trust. Digital safety is key here, as there are many users who feel reluctant to buy online for fear of having their card cloned, being swindled, being defaulted on, or not being responded to. 

Consequently, as the president of the Electronic Commerce Chamber (CCE, for its acronym in Spanish) points out, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to safeguard data integrity and increase trust among consumers. The CCE invests in initiatives to encourage consumers to buy online, since, as the president points out, “E-commerce is a fundamental digital ecosystem for the country’s economic reactivation and a powerful tool to expand markets”.

Therefore, besides the challenge of attracting customers and building your brand through digital means, you need to promote online shopping, establish trust through your website, your payment, and shipping methods, optimize communication channels and invest in advanced technology. 


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In a nutshell

Most online shoppers in Colombia are women under 35 years old, with medium to high incomes and fairly good quality of life. In addition, those industries related to travel, technology, and/or fashion, certainly have an advantage and a bigger challenge to face. Since they are the most demanded categories, they are also the most competitive. 

However, the biggest challenge is to win Colombian shoppers’ trust and convince them that buying online is better. For companies, this is a tremendous advantage, as it can significantly reduce operating, management, and logistics costs. 

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