Why should SMEs be in social networks?

Learn 5 reasons to understand why SMEs should be on social networks.


1. Customer acquisition

It is important to have digital channels so that your products or services are visible to a target audience who is interested in the solutions that your business provides, because that is where the people are.

<<< 9 out of 10 Internet users participate in social networks >>>


2. Communication channel

You can create a direct channel with your potential customers, and also monitor your sales, receive suggestions, complaints and later solve them.

<<< 8 out of 10 Colombians use social networks >>>


3. Low-cost advertising

Compared to traditional advertising media, advertising campaigns on digital channels tend to be cheaper.


4. Competitor analysis

Surely your competition already has a social media strategy, this is a great opportunity for you to analyze what they do, how they do it, how they communicate with their customers, among others.

<<< We spend around 3 hours a day on social media >>>


5. Segmentation in social networks

Through social networks, infinite data about users is gathered. So you will be able to know more detailed information such as: if they travel or not, what things they like, what pages they follow, age, gender, if they are single and more.

All this information will be very useful when carrying out campaigns because you can filter the target audience that interests you.

social networks

<<< We rely a lot on social networks to make a decision >>>


A business that cares about its digital presence generates more interest for any user, compared to a store or business that closes only to what they are now. The digital world will undoubtedly be a great choice for the growth of your business, put your fears and limits aside.

Finally, you must bear in mind that not all social networks are for all businesses, for that you will have to make a social media plan, then identify which is the social network that works best for your business and finally dedicate time.



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