Without a website, your business does not exist

There is no reason why your company, business, small venture, or even your idea should not have a website. 

Nowadays not even the budget is a limitation: there are free resources, free integrations, and unimaginable opportunities within a couple of clicks.

But why should you take a little bit of your time to dedicate it to your website? Or the real question would be why should you invest in your website and not just keep the free options?

Your website ensures legitimacy

The main concern of customers who buy online is to receive what they paid for. Being a victim of a scam or receiving something of low quality are the most frequent fears of a buyer. To avoid this, all these things are analyzed:

  • Does the URL, or web domain, look professional?
  • Is it a secure connection? Does it have certificates such as HTTPS?
  • Its design transmits seriousness and experience?
  • On the page, can the users obtain the details that I need?


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Save time by repeating the terms and conditions of your service.

There are always the frequently asked questions you have to answer for your customers, contingency announcements during special seasons, and specifications that do not fit in a single promotional image.

Having a good user experience (also known as UX) on your site includes building this type of content. The time dedicated to this can save you inconvenience in the future, and free up time in the present since you can refer people to your website without repeating the information several times a day.

Take advantage of opportunities and tools

Having your domain, your hosting, and full control of your website allows you to take advantage of all the tools that the internet offers:

  • An e-commerce payment gateway to sell directly from your website.
  • Implement a CRM to follow up with your potential customers and improve your post-sales customer service.
  • Create institutional emails with your business name.
  • Obtain quantifiable data on what makes customers search for your company on the Internet, in which section they spend the most time, and how often they do so, to make data-based decisions.
  • To have better positioning in search engines (SEO)
  • Facilitate strategy with Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

To find out how you can implement a custom website, contact us for a consultation. We have much more to offer!


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